Leaving jokes aside about the numerous increasingly ridiculous names this season, the endgame is indeed upon us. We’re looking at a potentially big logjam at three stars with only two maxi-challenges left for the queens to earn stars. Doubts remain regarding the anticipated tie-breaking technique, if any. The quickest methodContinue Reading

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women’ is a true crime series that sticks to the network’s tone by incorporating both exclusive interviews and reenactments to delve into the minds of female killers. Thus, of course, its season 11 episode 11, appropriately entitled ‘Keep It In the Family’ or ‘In The Family (2nd),’Continue Reading

The final chapter of the first season of ‘Dark Winds’ ends with a few revelations and a lot of bloodshed. The mystery that had been developing since the first episode comes to end, as each character receives their due. One by one, the loose ends are tied, as everyone’s trueContinue Reading

Created by Thierry Faber, ‘Capitani’ is a Luxembourgish crime series that starts when the body of a 15-year-old girl named Jenny Engel is discovered in the forest near a village. In order to get to the bottom of the case, Inspector Luc Capitani arrives in the village of Manscheid fromContinue Reading