Where is Jeff Grannon Now? Update

28-year-old mother of 4, Carol Grannon, seemed to have a happy marriage and the perfect life when she suddenly disappeared from her Muskogee, Oklahoma home in 1999. Although the case sat unsolved for decades, a drug bust in 2011 turned it into a homicide investigation as the police learned how Carol was murdered around the time of her disappearance. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Betrayed: Four Weddings and a Funeral’ chronicles the shocking case and shows how an efficient police investigation brought the perpetrator to justice. If you are intrigued by the crime and want to know where the killer is at present, we have you covered.

How Did Carol Grannon Die?

Described as someone pretty down-to-earth, Carol Grannon appeared to be living the best days of her life leading up to her disappearance. She was a loving mother of four and always prioritized her children over everything else. Besides, Carol was married to Jeff Grannon, and their relationship was seemingly perfect to the outside eye. Interestingly, people who knew her mentioned that she was a generous individual who had an amicable nature and never shied away from helping others in need. Thus, it was indeed a dark day when her budding life was snatched away by an act fueled by rage.

Carol Grannon was last seen alive on March 15, 1999, before she went missing from her Muskogee, Oklahoma, home. After the police were involved in the missing person investigation, they combed through the nearby areas and left no stones unturned in their search. Massive search parties were also organized to look for the missing woman, and authorities used various facilities available to them at the time. Still, there was no news about Carol, and her loved ones began fearing the worst as the days passed.

Ultimately, in 2011, more than a decade after Carol went missing, law enforcement officials were led to a manhole behind her house, where they found her body encased in concrete. Once the remains were recovered and tested, the autopsy claimed that the victim was strangled with a zip tie, ultimately leading to her death.

Who Killed Carol Grannon?

For years after Carol’s disappearance, detectives kept up their meticulous search and even invited any tip that could give them an idea of the missing woman’s whereabouts. In fact, the police sat down for several interviews with her acquaintances, canvassed local areas for witnesses, and even chased numerous leads, all of which led to a dead end. But according to the show, Carol’s husband, Jeff Grannon, surprisingly did not seem affected by his wife’s death, making authorities suspicious of his involvement in the homicide. However, there was nothing to tie him to the murder, and the police were forced to let him go.

Unfortunately, with no leads or witnesses, the case sat without any progress for over a decade until the police got their first big breakthrough in 2011. Reports mention that in February 2011, authorities arrested Jeff’s son, Josh Grannon, for trying to manufacture drugs. Though the latter was Carol’s stepson, he lived in the same house with her and claimed to have helped his father bury her body. Thus, it was Josh who implicated his father in the homicide investigation and finally led the police to a manhole behind the Grannon house, where the victim’s body was encased in concrete. With this and an eye-witness statement in their hands, the police were able to arrest Jeff Grannon for murder.

Where Is Jeff Grannon Today?

When produced in court, Jeff Grannon decided to accept a plea deal and pled guilty to first-degree murder. As a result, he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 15 years in 2012. Although Jeff is yet to complete his compulsory prison term, Oklahoma prison records show that he was discharged in 2015. Still considering his parolee status, we can safely assume that Jeff is still residing in the state of Oklahoma.

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