90 Day Fiance UK’s Shaun and Christine: Everything We Know

As the title suggests, TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance UK’ brings to the forefront the nuances of cross-border relationships by focusing on United Kingdom citizens who are in love with foreign nationals. Unsurprisingly, most cross-border relationships deal with significant differences in lifestyles, habits, and customs, which take time to get used to. However, time is of the essence for the couples featured on the reality show, and while cameras document their everyday lives, we get to witness how they deal with relationship issues on a daily basis.

Shaun, a longtime resident of Hampshire, and his Filipino girlfriend, Christine, appeared to be an adorable couple when introduced on ’90 Day Fiance UK’ season 1. While they seemed pretty dedicated to each other, the show revealed that the two even share a child. However, the relationship has been quite taxing due to their physical distance, making fans curious to know more. Well, worry not because we come bearing answers!

Shaun and Christine: Where Are They From?

Shaun, a native of the United Kingdom, hails from Hampshire, a county located on the coast of the English Channel in South East England. From the looks of it, he grew up in a loving family and has remained close to his loved one to this very day. Furthermore, Shaun’s parents appear on the show, and although they are a bit wary about him marrying outside his country, they are incredibly supportive of his desires. His father even insisted that he trusts his son and knows he will do what keeps everyone happy.

Interestingly, Shaun seems to work a regular job, although most of his salary ends up going to Christine. Nevertheless, when interviewed on the show, he claimed that the money he sends his fiancee is worth every penny. On the other hand, Christine was born and brought up in The Philippines and currently lives with her mother in Antipolo City, which lies just east of Manila.

While growing up in the Philippines, Christine claimed they were never overtly rich, but they had a comfortable life and resided in a house big enough to accommodate everyone. Interestingly, she has tied the knot twice, making her the mother of three children from those marriages. Besides, while on the show, Christine mentioned that her last marriage had not been annulled because of funds but claimed that she and Shaun were working towards it.

Shaun and Christine: How Did They Meet?

Viewers would be surprised to know that Shaun and Christine have been together for quite a long time as they first met online in 2012. It did not take long for the pair to take to each other after their first meeting, and soon the two embarked on a long-distance relationship, ready to face every obstacle together. During their relationship, Shaun and Christine met face-to-face and even went on short vacations, where they had the time of their lives.

In fact, it was during one of these vacations that Christine got pregnant, and Shaun was excited to have a baby with the love of his life. Unfortunately, as the child resides with the mother, the English citizen has to go years without being in physical contact with his son. Nonetheless, Shaun is hopeful of making their relationship work and wants Christine to settle down in the United Kingdom with all her children.

Shaun and Christine: Future Prospects

Shaun and Christine seem very much in love and have been together for quite a long time. Moreover, since they have met in person, they are pretty familiar with each other habits, customs, and lifestyles. This will surely give them an edge over the other couples and help them build a wonderful life in the United Kingdom. Besides, the pair also has a son, who has brought them even closer together and helped their relationship flourish.

Interestingly, Shaun and Christine seemed to have the same goal of getting married and settling in the United States. Not just that, he is also quite affectionate towards his partner’s other three children, further strengthening their relationship. Thus, we have high hopes for this wonderful couple and wish them the best for the future.

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