5 Amazing Facts of The Family Man Season 2!!!

The Family Man is a very well-made series in which we see Manoj Bajpayee in the character of shreekant. Shreekant is a secret agent of which his own family is unaware and on the other hand, he has to complete his mission also. How he deals with both the situation is the best part of the show. All the actors of the show have played their character with perfection. The storyline of the show is such that it makes The Family Man apart from all other series. In this article, we will be talking about some facts about The Family Man Series due to which you will be able to understand the series more comfortably.


1. There was research for several years to make this show. To understand the life of an agent, the makers of the series seemed to help from the CBI Officers, Detectives, and some person related with the intelligence. After talking to them only, the character of shreekant was designed and written where many situations which happened with him was taken from real. Makers stated that the public sees the mission of these agents but they don’t get to understand their personal life so they wanted to show how an Agent makes himself comfortable with agent life as well as the personal life.

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2. Many of the critics believed that the narrative of the show was a bit similar to “True Lies”. In “True Lies” we see the story of a secret agent who never reveals his identity to his wife. The way Shreekant spies on his wife, same does the lead character of the True Lies. There are no creative similarities between The Family Man and True Lies but the plot of both the projects are the same. True lies is a very popular movie which was directed by James Camaron who also directed Titanic. If you have seen True Lies then please do comment whether there are similarities according to you or not?

3. The character of Moosa has been played by Neeraj Madhav whose performance got appreciation from all around. Neeraj is a famous actor in the Malayalam industry and The Family Man is his first Hindi project. Before he was finalized for his role, he even didn’t know to speak Hindi. He learned to speak English for this project.

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4. While the shooting of The Family Man, Neeraj Madhav was consulted for his role in Chhichhore but due to lack of dates, he denied being a part of this movie.

5. The character of Suchitra, wife of Shreekant has been played by Priyamani who is a famous south Indian actress. She had also worked in the film Chennai Express where she is seen in the hit dance number of “Dance Floor”.

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