5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favourite Spy Character ‘James Bond’!!!

Heyy Guys, welcome to Infography.in and those who doesn’t know me, I’m Om Prakash Kaushal and I bring you the many such facts articles on various subjects. Welcome, back to another amazing article. Today we’re finding out more about arguably the most iconic character of all time, 0 0 7 also known as James Bond created by Ian Fleming in 1953, a British secret service agency was captioned in 12 novels. The James Bond novels were also adapted into filmmaking. In the world grossing over 7 billion dollars total and the character has proven so successful that eight other authors have adapted the story in a series of authorized spin-off novels. Fleming said that he plans to write the spy story to end all spy stories and, he was certainly right because it is the world’s most glamorous and interesting characters that we couldn’t resist taking a look at the iconic and very dashing James Bond

Lets start with the facts now.

1. The name “James Bond” is being inspired by an American ornithologist. Fleming chose the name from a book on his shelf “birds of the West Indies” written by a Caribbean bird expert also called James Bond when asked why his name stood out to him, Fleming said it struck me that this brief, unromantic, Anglo Saxon, and yet very masculine name was just what I needed. He’s also been quoted as saying that he deliberately chose a simple but unremarkable name because exotic things would happen too, and around him, but he seems to be a neutral figure.

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2. Fleming began writing the first bond novel to distract him from wedding planning. Fleming sat down to create his works at his appropriately named “golden estate” in Jamaica every bond novel was written here when he spent 2 months of every year in Jamaica. The first novel Casino royale was written in part because he was trying to distract himself from his upcoming wedding to his then girlfriend. Certainly, he had little interest in flowers and seating charts. That is why, he desired to start writing the most famous spy novel of all time.

3. Fleming changed bonds firearm because an expert called it a lady’s gun. Bonds, a weapon of choice was a Beretta 418 for the first five novels, but Fleming received a letter from a gun expert criticizing his choice. Jeffrey booth royd called bonds gun, a lady’s gun, and not a very nice lady at that. He suggested that Fleming changed the firearm to a Walter P P K 7.65 millimeters when he began writing doctor no. Booth Royds knowledge proved to be valuable in later novels too. Giving Fleming advice on bonds gun holster as well as, the, villains weapons of choice.

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4. 75% of the women with whom bond has slept with, have attempted to kill him. Many of the women bond ends up in bed with just so happened to be deadly assassins. Electra King tortured bond with a garret in the world’s not enough zenia on the top memory tries to finish him off by strangling him between her size in golden eye and who can forget bodyguards bambi and thumper in diamonds are forever. Many of bonds female friends are honey traps, sent to bond to distract him but he generally finds enough time to sleep with them before anyone makes an attempt on his life.

5. Daniel Craig’s bond was featured in the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies. The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies was all about celebrating British history and one of the most archetypal British symbols is there a more British symbol than James Bond. Maybe one, the queen and the two of them teamed up for a sequence at the opening ceremonies. The queen attended treaty into a helicopter to support her to the Olympic Stadium. Of course her majesty had a body devil for the parachuting scene.

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