Abhinav Anand

Abhinav Anand: Whole story of journey From Bihar to Mumbai.

Abhinav Anand Early’s Life

He comes from a village named Jaynagar which is based near Forbesganj City of Bihar. He stayed there till he was in 6th standard and then his father got a transfer to Agra, his family shifted to Agra. When he was in 3rd standard, he sang a song in class, and children from other classes were gathered to cheer up. That was the first incident when something like that happened to him.

When he came to Agra, he got into dramatics as our dramatics teacher was very nice and used to encourage them for extra-curricular. Though he used to perform in annual functions and was known for his mimicry in his school. He used to make sounds of different animals and this is something he really enjoyed. 

Though he was an average student during his school he studied really hard for his 10th board. Results were declared and as he expected, he scored really well. That was the first time his family was proud of him because of my academics. 

When he was in 11th standard, he performed in the Farewell party for his seniors and family was fascinated to see that. But like any other middle class family, they wanted him to keep these things aside and focus on his studies. As his father was a civil engineer, he was supposed to study the same. Though he wanted to get into the entertainment industry but he didn’t know how to get in so he followed the pursuit. Once he finished his 12th, he went to Kota to prepare for engineering entrance. 

Turning Point

He sat for his engineering entrance and as expected, he could not get through. He took admission in KIIT for an engineering course and went to Bhubneswar. He met new people there and started enjoying my college life as any other would.
Things changed when they made “Gangs of Berozgaar” in the second year of their college. They just wanted to make it so that They can watch it after their college and feel nostalgic about the things they did in college. They thought if we could get around ten thousand views in a month, that’d be huge but surprisingly it went so viral that they achieved that on the very first day. They made that video with a budget of Rs. 60 only because they arranged everything on Jugaad. The only thing they couldn’t arrange was a Wheelbarrow (Thela) which they needed for a scene.

When the video was booming on youtube Somehow TVF got to know about their video because they also made a spoof on “Gangs of Wasseypur”. They saw the video and Biswapati Sarkar from TVF offered internships to the two of them. No matter how badly he wanted to go there, but he still couldn’t gather the courage to speak up to his father that I want to go to Mumbai and join that internship. After a year or so, he made “Gangs of Berozgaar-2” and it was also a hit. 

Abhinav finished college and got a job as a Junior Civil Engineer. He worked there for a year and he was not interested and got frustrated. Then he went to Agartala where his father was posted and started working with him. Still, the frustration didn’t go. He talked to his friends and they suggested he talk to TVF and ask if they are still interested in him. 

He talked to Biswapati Sarkar and he responded very generously. He called him for an interview. It went well and he got the job offer. The next obstacle he had to face was to talk to his family about it. 

he walked up to his father and it was like deja vu. It was very similar to that “Abba nahi meaning” scene from 3 Idiots. he was prepared for all the scoldings he would get but surprisingly his father didn’t do any of that. Instead, he put forward a logical question that we have no background in this industry, how would he survive? Along with this, he pointed out that his current salary is double what they were offering him in TVF. 

Along with working as a planning engineer, he was also doing his master’s from distance and completed two semesters of the course. That became his savior. He told his father that there’s still a year left in my masters. I wanted that year to try my luck in this field. If I fail I’ll resume my job as an engineer. He told him that ”I will evaluate myself this year and even if I fail, I won’t have any regrets that I didn’t try”. His father agreed and he came to Bombay on 5th May 2016. After working for a year, he got a huge increment and that was because of his performance. Also, He scored well in those two semesters left.

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