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Army Of The Dead: Release Date, Cast, Plotline And All Latest Updates!!!

Heyy guys welcome back to my other review article. Actually, I am very happy today. From the day when I started reviewing movies till now, there was no movie released which I have enjoyed at a cinematic level. But today I saw Army Of The Dead and truly speaking I enjoyed very much while watching this movie. Those who don’t know me, My name is Om and I review films for Infography. Official.

In this article today, I will be reviewing Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead which is a Zombie Heist drama. This movie has been released in English as well as the Hindi language. So this will really attract Indian audiences too. Before starting the review let’s discuss the story first.

Storyline :

The storyline of Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead is quite interesting where we see a post zombie era in which humans live in another city and zombies are in other cities.
Meanwhile, we see the character of Batista who is given the master plan of robbing 200 Million dollars from a casino. Isn’t it a big figure? But the sad part is that the casino lies in the Zombie’s area.
So for this heist, a team is made which is a lot more trained to fight with the zombies. But they don’t know what will happen next with them. So this was the story without any spoilers and let’s start the reviews now.

Review Of “Army Of The Dead”:

So let’s talk about the strong points of the movie first. Firstly it is a new type of zombie film. Usually, what we get to see in the zombie movies, there are some zombies and when they are hit on their head, they die, they are slow and bla blaaa… But it is certainly a different kind of zombie film. Zack Snyder has shown 3 kinds of zombies in the movie like they are very inferior and superior to each other. I really don’t want to give any spoilers but I just wanna tell you that the zombies shown in the movie are really different. After seeing the new zombie narrative, you will connect more with this film. So according to me, the way zombie has been shown in the movie, shortly this will be taken as a reference for more such zombie movies. Kudos to Zack Snyder for inventing a new kind of zombie.

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The second strong point of the movie was the starting title. Actually, you would have noticed that in any film review, you will never find the point of starting title. But this is a Zack Snyder film and they always work too much on their starting title. The whole scenario of the zombie era is shown in starting title of the film itself like what preface of the movie. And they are shot with such perfection that you cannot skip this. Before this when Jack Snyder made Watchman then that was my favorite starting credits but as of now, it’s Army of the dead.
The third strong point is the entertainment value of the movie. I won’t deal with the acting and performances of this film because all the actors have given their best. This film has amazing soundtracks at the same time we get to see stylish characters with newly invented zombies. Talking about the action in the movie, well that’s top-notch. Batista is the perfect choice for this role and at the same time talking about the female character, well that’s totally Bad Ass.

What Could Have Been Better In “Army Of The Dead”?

Well if you ask me that have I seen any other better zombie movie than this? Well let me tell you, Yes I have. 28 days later, World War Z, Train to Gozan are my favorite zombie movies. One thing was common among all these three films and that was strong emotions. This thing is also in Army of the dead but you don’t get to feel that much. You will totally enjoy this film but at the end that sad and connecting feeling is lost which could have come from some characters. If the connection would have been more then definitely this movie would have been in my top 3 zombie films because literally, I have enjoyed a lot this movie.
Apart from this let’s talk about a small criticism about the character of Huma Qureshi. According to me, there was not much value in Huma’s Character. This character could have been played by anyone. She has only one proper dialogue in the movie else she is always just shouting. But you never know, the film can get a sequel, and Huma would get some important role in it.

Rating: Massy and Classy

I will rate this movie with 4 stars out of 5. This film has got everything which a massy and classy movie should have. The good Background score, Good soundtracks, actions, zombies, and even Comedy. Do comment your views and rating on this movie below in the comments area. Our opinions can be different which is totally alright.



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