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We all have dreams. But to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. By the above quote today I am going to tell the story of a middle-class boy whose determination was so strong that he achieved the milestone. This story is about a boy from the small village of Rajasthan “Asif Khan” who thought of acting in school functions to rid out of punishment in school. He was that guy in the class whose teacher used to send him out of the class daily. Therefore, to avoid this punishment he participated at the school function in a skit where he received a huge round of applause from his teachers. His friends motivated him to go forward and choose acting as a full-time career.

Asif Khan: Tragedy in Family

When he was studying in school his father passed away and his elder brother was a college student so he took the whole responsibility of the family and started a Part-Time job until his brother got his degree.
When Asif Elder brother completed his studies than he started supporting the family financially.
After the tenth board, Asif moved to Mumbai where he saw the actual struggle for the achievement of the goals.


On the Mumbai railway station, he saw a poster for jobs then he called and got a job in a catering establishment where he worked for 7-8 months.
After working for these many days he was stuck in his life that what I am doing?
One day he decided and visited a casting director home where the selection was going on that casting director called him and said to Perform anything.
Asif grew up watching Shahrukh khan’s movie, he mimicked the same as Shahrukh Khan. That person said this is mimicry, not the acting.
He said to do theater and learn acting then come again.
Asif started searching for the theater and he came to know that in Jaipur there is a theater.
He went to Jaipur and learned the acting with full determination and performed at the theater for 6 years.
After coming to Mumbai he started working with one of the casting directors where he got small roles in movies and OTT web series.


In April 2020 one web series was released at OTT “Panchayat” where a dialogue”gzzab kharab bewastha hai” got viral and the role of that person was played by Asif.

Quote by Asif Khan

धूप में पैर जलाकर जूते खरीदे हैं साहब, अब चाल भी बदलेगा ओर इत्रऊंगा भी भरपुर।

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