Bhoot Police Hotstar

Bhoot Police hopes to make fun of Dhongi Babas who swind people. It hopes to ridicule superstition and blind belief, and end up making fun of its own premise.

One Line Story:

The film follows tantriks ghost hunters, the brothers Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor), who are hired to capture a demon who is thought to have inhabited a tea estate on the majestic Himachal Hills.

Bhoot Police Detail Synopsis:

The tea estate belongs to sisters Maya (Yami Gautam) and Kanu (Jacqueline Fernandez). Vibhooti’s career goals encompass women and money. The younger brother wants to pass on the legacy of his late beloved father (Ullat Baba) through good work. Can the two help the bankrupt rich sister from the Aatma who is hunting at night?
The horror-comedy by director Pavan Kirpalani has its moments, but childishness transcends the unfamiliar. The one-line issues regarding nepotism and references to go-corona-go are ridiculous.

Bhoot Police Hotstar
Bhoot Police on Disney Plus Hotstar

The atmosphere and ideas catch your eye from the start. Saif Ali Khan, who speaks a foreign country dialect with a British accent, is inadvertently amusing in Saif’s unique voice. His ability to search for non-hero characters off the beaten path is amazing. But intentions and experiences can be enjoyable to some degree. The implementation leaves you conflicted here. It presents itself as a weird mix of too much effort to be funny and not trying to invest in its character at all. Arjun and Yami are sincere, the only actors who get the job done. Jacqueline and Saif are more like tourists in Dharamshala who choose to star in this film for entertainment.

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Stree is a great example of combining elements of horror and comedy without appearing frivolous. Bhoot Police hopes to make fun of Dhongi Babas swindling people. It hopes to ridicule superstition and blind belief, and end up making fun of its own premise. History is less of a problem than the conflicting thoughts behind it.

Despite nearly all of them failing, the only comedian that really impresses here is Johnny Lever’s talented daughter, Jamie Lever. Her character sings Aishwarya Rai’s dream romantic song “Aao Na” while her husband struggles to clean up the trash and makes you laugh out loud. If you need to see this film, go see it.

Bhoot Police Review:

Not the kind of movie that will tickle your taste buds, but Saif Ali Khan is a treat when he’s on the roll. Not a bad feat for Arjun Kapoor to follow suit. Jaaved Jaffrey has a long-lasting cameo which he makes the most of.

Bhoot Police Hotstar
Bhoot Police on Disney Plus Hotstar

Accept it or not, but Pavan Kripalani’s Bhoot Police is a horror comedy film that maintains the cards close to your chest until act two, starts with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. However, it quickly quits the spirit of America’s first president because he is clearly not at the center of the plot. In this cool and crazy film about two ghost hunters on duty, nothing has to do with whatever Lincoln meant when he said that to trust in the things one can touch and see.

There’s not much in Bhoot Police that’s immediately believable, but what we see in the film is fun enough not to let the little things bother us with the spooky ghosts. This film is knitted from steady jokes on Disney+ Hotstar about what to believe and what not. As the two brothers, who are the sons of the famous tantric exorcist Ullat Baba, Vibhooti Vaidya, and Chiraunji Vaidya (Arjun Kapoor), were constantly arguing. They don’t see the face-to-face on purpose of voodooism.

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