Everything We Know So Far About The Zee5 Film “Bichoo Ka Khel”!!!

Finally, here we have the release date for “Bichoo Ka Khel.” And people are excited about it. From the cast to the story concept, everything looks great here.
So, are you excited to know more about the “Bichoo Ka Khel” release date? All you have to do is stay with us through the article, and we will provide you with details about the Bichoo Ka Khel release date.

In addition to the “Bicho Ka Khel” release date, we will also keep you informed about the cast and where to see them.

Story And Cast of “Bichoo Ka Khel”:

Before we know the release date of “Bichoo Ka Khel,” we need to know the cast and parts of the story to get an idea first.
Recently we saw “Bichoo Ka Khel” has appeared on the digital platform. The film will be released soon and available to the Audience and viewers on channel ZEE5.
The cast of this film is fascinating because this film has a great cast.

This film stars :
Anshul Chauhan and
Divyendu Sharma,
While other actors are
Satyajit Sharma and
Mukul Chadda.

If we talk about the plot, the main story, then we understand that it has an excellent storyline where the film features the story of a young student who lost his papa at a too young age.
What will the boy do in the future because he lost his father? Will he be able to go on and forget the past or whatever happened to him? Or was he just planning revenge to calm himself down? Stay tuned and learn about the film’s story and concept as it releases.

Release Date:

As the plot unfolded, people were excited to see Bichoo Ka Khel’s release date. For all viewers and audiences, the release date of Bichhoo Ka Khel is here, which will air until November 14, 2020.
The teaser for the film has been released, and people can watch it on the available platforms and then mark their date and schedule to see the film when it is released.

ZEE5 Film “Bichoo Ka Khel” Where to see?

Once you know the release date of Bichoo Ka Khel, you should immediately bookmark the platforms available for the film.
Our hugely popular digital platform ZEE5, will host this film. One can download this application, which will be made available on iOS and Android devices.

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