Book Of Travels: Release Date, About And Gameplay !!!

Book of Travels is an upcoming TMO game that seems perfect for those looking to get lost in a beautiful wonderland.

Here’s everything we know about this game:

Release Date:

According to the Steam Page, Book Of Travels release date is planned for the second quarter of 2021.
The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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Book of Travels is a fantastic game with a relaxing online RPG experience. The player has to walk through a deep forest and explore it while interacting with various objects and possibly animals. You are also welcome to take a trip to the cities on the Braided Coast peninsula.
The unique thing about the fantasy world is the hand-drawn world where the player has to complete missions and go through the game. There, players can meet new friends and work with them to solve puzzles.


• Factual function playing and individual play techniques.
• Unlimited stories that won’t hold your hands.
• TMO: miniature online multiplayer.
• A beautiful world of uncertainty.
• Communicate with the help of symbols.
• Innovative RPG system.
• The world is a hand-painted diorama.
• Connect with the world together.

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