Biswapati Sarkar

Get to Know All things About Biswapati Sarkar aka’ Arnub

Coming out of stereotype mindset society and reach to the milestone is the real achievement of any middle-class boy. Today we are going to discuss the journey of one of the finest actors, scriptwriter of TVF “Biswapati Sarkar”.
He was born on September 22, 1988, at Rourkela. He has completed his MS from IIT Kharagpur. He was asked that why he did engineering if he was interested in writing but he was so passionate about writing that after the completion of college he went to Mumbai to a startup TVF with Jitu.

Biswapati Sarkar: How everything started.

When he was in the Pre-final year he saw Jitu bhaiya’s performance and appreciated him and then both of them started working together in plays where Biswa used to write the plays and Jitu acts in the same.
They both worked together and one day came when everyone was leaving the hostel after getting placement but jitu bhaiya didn’t place anywhere so Biswa offered him come to Mumbai with him and join their senior digital startup “TVF”.
On the first day, they started shooting but they were not satisfied with the act so his friend Jitu bhaiya decided to go to NSD and learn acting till then Biswa was focusing on his writing.
After Disqualifying from NSD jitu bhaiya again joined the team. His first Video on TVF as a writer was ” Rowdies Sb Q-tiyapa hai. When he was working with TVF he gave us so many mind-blowing videos, series, and movies. His videos of barely speaking are fantastic and the dialogue delivery cannot be performed by any other.

After Leaving TVF

Biswa presently working at Posham Pa Pictures, he has started a new studio along with Sameer Saxena, Amit Golani, and Saurabh Khanna. He is also known as ‘Arnub’ because of his portrayal of Arnub Goswami in his online talk-show series Barely Speaking with Arnub. In his series, various celebrities have been featured (including politicians).

Notable work and Roles:

Permanent Roommates
TVF Pitchers
Hostel Daze
Barely Speaking With Arnub

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