Harish Patel

Harish Patel: The unrecognized Talent of India

If you have talent then one day your work will roar like the King of Jungle. On the note of this today I am going to unfold the story and life journey of an actor who is so underrated in Indian Cinema that the maximum audience doesn’t know his real name.
Actually, the problem was not with his acting the era was of action and love and he wasn’t getting big roles so no one appreciated his acting. He did many A and B-grade movies but didn’t work as the lead role and was always underestimated by the casting team and worked as supporting characters in the movies. He’s known by so many nicknames and one of them is “Appu hatela” he is So good that he didn’t promote himself for his work in the International Theatre and Screen.

Harish Patel: How everything started.

Harish Patel was born on July 5th, 1950 in Maharashtra. He started his acting career at the age of 7. Patel was active in theaters and at that time, he played a role in Ramayana.
He started his journey with small roles in movies and his debut movie is Mandi directed by Shayam Bengal in 1983. Patel worked in Indian Theatre from 1994 to 2008 with Indian Theatre Director Satyadev Dubey. In 1995 he joined the Indian National Theatre and appeared in the play “Neela Karma”. He has performed both the plays i.e; Classical and Modern Indian plays and Plays written by Western writers.
Some of his Famous Plays are:

Pinter’s The caretaker.
Sartre’s No exit.
Camus’ cross Purpose.
loneseco’s the Lesson.
Mrozek’s Vatzlav.

In 2007, Patel played the lead role of Eeahwar Dutt in “Rafta Rafta” a comedy written by Ayub Khan-Din and directed by Nicholas Hytner at National Theatre in London to critical acclaim and sellout audience.

Turning Point of his life.

British director Roger Michell’s team came to India for the audition of their upcoming Tv series “The Buddha of Suburbia” where Mr.Patel gave his audition and they selected him for the role of “Changez” he wasn’t comfortable due to English but they took him for the entire shoot.

His acting was mind-blowing in the tv series which was broadcasted by BBC TWO in 1993. He does so many unforgettable plays that time. The people of England appreciated him and asked for his autograph. He worked with legendary Director in theaters and received a standing ovation for his roles.

Upcoming Movie of Harish Patel

We will watch Harish Patel in the upcoming movie of Marvel “ETERNALS” as a Co-Actor. Harish Patel confirms this after the release of the teaser.

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