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Invisible City Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plotline And All Other Details!!!

The stories of unicorns, dragons, fairies and mermaids are heard and only a few can believe that they are real. At some point, we heard these stories and most of us wanted unicorns to be our pets or dragons to be our protectors, but as we got older we found that they weren’t real and lived in our imaginations. But we are still fascinated by their stories and more interested in myths than in real creatures. With this in mind, the creators of the show “Invisible City” introduced us to a world of myths, with a few additions to their imagination. The trailer for the series was published a few days ago with an introduction and release date.

Release date: Invisible City Season 1

Recently, the show declared the release and plot for the first season, together with inaugurating the cast of the series. The series, which originally premiered in Brazil, will be available in English. Those who have seen films like Ice Age and Rio are already familiar with the work of show creator Carlos Saldanha, but unlike his previous work, his latest work is not strictly for children’s entertainment, but rather focuses on an older and adult audience. The show will Premiere on February 5 this year.

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Cast: Invisible City Season 1

The show stars Marco Pigossi, who played the character of Eric, he is also known for his roles in the Australian Tidelands and Spanish Alta Mar, Alessandra Negrini in the image of Ines, who is also known for her roles in Cleopatra and Tropical Paradise. Together with them is Taina Medina as Fabiana, also known for her roles in “The Awakener”, Julia Konrad as Gabriela, known for her roles in “One for All” and “Paradise Lost”, Jessica Cores as Camilla. , also known for his roles in Brasil Imperial and Verdades Secretas, along with Victor Sparapane as Manaus, also known for his work in Jesus and Jezabel, and Kaua Rodigruez as Baqueta, also known for his work on Escape and Jungle Pilot.

Plotline: The Invisible City Season 1

The premiere was supposed to be in February and the show reveals quite a bit about itself, but considering the actors and creators of the show, it looks promising. The show, which consists of 8 episodes in the first season, tells the story of a detective who is attracted to another world by the existence of a mythical creature and meets the world today. However, when Detective Eric enters the world after being asked to investigate a murder, he finds a world where the creatures are invisible to humans. The detective is still engaged in the battle between the two universes. The show, which is a combination of science fiction and fantasy drama, reveals a little about itself, but nowadays the plot looks interesting and is a vacation for fans of the fantasy drama.

The show released its trailer along with the release date. Click below to watch the first season of Invisible City’s trailer.

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