Jitendra Kumar aka Jittu Bhaiya. Explore Him

It is said that your desire depends upon how devoted you are. In this quote, Let’s unfold the entire life journey of today’s star “Jitu bhaiya” a boy from a politically engaged family to the big screen of Bollywood. Jitendra Kumar aka ‘Jitu bhaiya’ completed his study till higher secondary and moved to Kota for the preparation of IIT.

Jitendra Kumar cracked IIT-Jee and took admission to IIT Khadakpur where he was interested in Aeronautics but unfortunately, he got Civil Branch. He started his college life with the target to change the department after the first year. As we know that every college has its dramatic society and students participate in that. Jitu bhaiya uses to do drama/plays from their college side where his one of the senior recognized him and approached.

“Jitendra Kumar” How does the Journey begin?

Biswapati Sarkar is that senior who saw Jitu bhaiya and then both of them started working together in plays where Biswa used to write the plays and Jitu acts in the same. They both worked together and one day came when everyone was leaving the hostel after getting placement but jitu bhaiya didn’t place anywhere so Biswa offered him to come to Mumbai with him and join their senior digital startup “TVF”.

One day Biswa said that let us go to Kharagpur and Perform a play jitu bhaiya agreed and both went there and performed well but Jitu bhaiya was not satisfied with the act and he decided to take admission to NSD and learn Acting but unfortunately he didn’t get the admission. He dropped acting for some days and joined one company and started a job but he wasn’t happy with that so he decided to join TVF again and the rest is history.

Some tremendous series are:

  1. Pitcher

2. Kota Factory

3. Popular in TVF as: Kejriwal Jitu bhaiya Jitu

4. Panchayat

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