Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices

Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices For Android, iPhone, and iPad!!!

If you love editing videos then you should rejoice that there are so many editing apps that you can find today. One of the best is Kinemaster. What is the size of this application? What does it do? Get the explanation in the description below.

Learn more about the Kinemaster Application

What is Kinemaster?

Is this your first time hearing and knowing this application? Kinemaster is an application that can be used to edit videos. With this application, we can edit videos by using only Android gadgets. This app has tons of features so you can edit videos like a pro.
There are so many features that this application has such as cropping and combining multiple frames, brightness, colour saturation, sound effects, hue saturation, and many other interesting features. All Kinemaster features support your video publishing business.
App Name: Kinemaster
License: Free
Latest Update: February 27, 2020
Download Size: 76 MB
Operating System: Android, iOS
Minimum Requirement: Android 5.0 +
Category: Video Editor, Video Maker
Features: Editing video, add various audio formats, add various video format, export to mp4 video format.
Author: KineMaster Corporation
Package Name:

The new version of Kinemaster:

I highly recommend that you download the latest version of this application because you will get lots of new features and services that are more comfortable to use. So far, all you have to do is download and install the latest version of Kinemaster for Android from the official site.
The latest version will also bring some new features and updates. What is this update? Here’s the list:

• It supports high resolution animated stickers.

• Support for deleting video and image files in the media browser.

• Improved asset storage stability.

• Performance improvements and bug fixes.

That’s why it’s always better to download the latest version of an app because you’ll get better features and services.

Kinemaster Requirements:

To download and use this application easily, you need to know the requirements first, especially if you are an Android user. This application is free and supported by English and more than 19 different languages.
Kinemaster also requires Android version 5.0+ and above. Make sure you have enough storage space as the size of this app is approximately 76 MB. Apart from that, your Android device must have a good internet connection.

Kinemaster Subscription Information:

Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices
Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices

Kinemaster is a subscription service. However, you can use it in a trial mode where you don’t need a subscription. This trial mode app is free for non-commercial and unlimited personal use but is usually created with the Kinemaster watermark on every video you make.

If you wish to purchase the premium version, monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. You get some more interesting features from this premium version like watermark removal, more assets from Kinemaster Asset Store (professional high-quality royalty-free music, overlays, visual effects, etc.).

Subscription renews automatically monthly or annually of your choice (yearly or monthly). However, you can turn off this auto-renewal feature by going to your Account Settings. Please do this at least one day or 24 hours before the end of the current period.

I think you can use the trial mode first before using the premium version live. If your work involves any aspect of video editing, I can recommend that you go with the premium version of Kinemaster. Kinemaster Premium is more exclusive than the free version and offers all the functions and services to create professional video content.

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How to download the Kinemaster application on Android:

Thankfully this app is available on Google PlayStore where you can easily download it. Just go to the Google PlayStore menu and download, whether it’s the FREE or PRO version. Below are additional instructions that you can follow:

• Open Google Play Store Application.

• Enter KineMaster in the available search bar

• Several options will appear. Choose the one you like.

• Click the “Install” menu for the FREE version and click the “Buy” option for the paid or PRO version.

• With the free version, the installation process will start immediately. Meanwhile, you may need to follow additional instructions for the PRO version, especially regarding payment processing.

• Wait a few moments with the patient until the installation process is complete.

• Once done, you can edit your video like a pro using the Kinemaster app.
Just interpret the instructions and steps above to download this application appropriately.

Kinemaster Features:

In the first paragraph above, we have explained some of the features that Kinemaster has. Here are the full features of this application that I can share with you:

• User manual. There is a user guide video you can download from that will give you lots of guides and tips on how to make great and fun videos.

• Precise Editing: The 100% feature of this app allows you to edit layer by layer and frame by frame with precision. This will make your video professional.

• Instant preview feature is there so that you can preview your video immediately after.

• Multi-track audio. Kinemaster offers up to 4 additional audio tracks and an unlimited number of audio clips to add to songs.

• Multiple levels of text, stickers and handwriting are unlimited. Layers can be precisely controlled and many layer functions are available

• Color adjustment with several features such as video brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. Another surprise

• Full-colour LUTs are coming soon.

• Speed control which lets you adjust the video speed to suit your needs.

• Professional audio function

• Colored keys

• Supported file formats are .mp4, 3gp and mobile. While the audio files supported by this application such as MP3, MP4 and AAC

• Image formats supported are jpg and png

• There are two types of Kinemaster applications. They are a FREE version and a PRO version, a paid version

• Voice recording and many other interesting features

• Volume wrap, which gives you volume control from moment to moment in a clip

• Many types of animation

• Sharing on multiple social media is very easy. You can again share the videos you make on several social media like Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox, Google+ and many others.

Just download this amazing app to see and enjoy all the features of the Kinemaster app.

How To Use The Kinemaster application:

This application is easy to use, even though if is the first time the application is so easy to use. Here are the steps and complete instructions:

• Here’s how to insert the video you want to edit. To do this, look to the right and select the Media Browser option. You can also add many things. For example, you can put in songs to make your video more fascinating.

• To add music or songs, select the Audio or Speech option on the right.

• With the layer options function on the right you can add some creations such as icons, text or colours and crop multiple scenes like music, videos or pictures. Various effects are also available.

• Also on the left are some of the settings you can use as needed.

• If you want to save the video you edited, click the button with the share icon. This share button is actually used to share your video on several social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Dropbox. However, at the top, there are videos saved in the Gallery menu that you can use to save those videos.

How To Download Kinemaster on iOS (iPad and iPhone):

Kinemaster iOS version is now available. You can download Kinemaster from the App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.
There are also several alternative apps that offer almost the same features and functionality that you can use on your iOS device.

How to download Kinemaster on a PC or laptop:

Although Kinemaster cannot be downloaded on your iOS device, it can be used on your Windows computer or laptop. Here are the complete steps and instructions on how to download Kinemaster on your laptop or computer:

• First of all, you need to install the Bluestacks software.

• Run this Bluestacks software on your computer

• Once launched, click the My Apps button in the emulator

• Enter “Kinemaster App” in the search bar

• Several results will be displayed and select one and install

• Sign in to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks.

• The Kinemaster application installation process will begin.

What is Bluestack?

It is a software or program or emulator that your computer or laptop can use to download and run Android applications. Apart from the Bluestack emulator, there are several other Android emulators that you can use, such as YouWave, Jar of Beans, Andyroid, Geny Motion and many more.
Bluestack is the most popular, but you can use other Android emulator options as desired. You can quickly download it and download it from the Internet.

Use a similar application:

Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices
Kinemaster- Professional Video Editing For Mobile Devices

If you are having trouble downloading, installing, or using this application, you can download another video editing application that offers almost the same functionality as Kinemaster.
Some examples of alternative applications that you can use are Quik, Videoshop, PowerDirector, Video show, and many more.

Why should you use the Kinemaster application?

You may find a similar Kinemaster app, but why should you use Kinemaster than other similar apps? Here are some reasons:

• This application allows you to add multiple layers quickly and accurately.

• There are also several options such as adding text, animation, sound, images and more

• Kinemaster is easy to use or users friendly

• Edited video size can be adjusted according to our needs

• This app also has many interesting features that you can use to edit videos like a PRO.

• There is no perfect application in this world, so I will not lie to you that this application also has some disadvantages such as:

• The only available video quality is an export video in HD quality (1280 × 720).

• The developer of this application does not provide full services for top-notch applications. To be able to use all available functions, we must subscribe with a monthly payment.

For me, the aforementioned downsides are less annoying and less of a problem. Because; I can still say that this application is very good and useful.


Kinemaster is a handy application that you can use to edit your videos. Apart from that, this app comes with lots of interesting features that will allow you to edit your videos like a pro. You can download the free or premium version of the Kinemaster app depending on your needs. This is the perfect video editing application for amateurs and professionals alike.


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