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Robert Pattinson: All His Best Movies Of All Time!!!

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson aka Robert Pattinson is a very well-known English actor. This year he turned 35 years old. He is noted for his versatile role in both independent and big-budget movies. Also, Pattinson is among one of the world’s highest-paid actors. Pattinson is well known for his role of vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight. For his amazing acting skills, Robert Pattinson won the hearts of people.
Here are some of the best movies of Pattison. Have a look at all the amazing movies of him:-

1. Tenet (2020)

Tenet is a beautiful movie that features a beautiful friendship bond that is not dependent on time. It revolves around a secret agent. The genre of the movie is action and thriller. To understand the whole plot, you need to watch this movie twice or thrice. Also, terrific chemistry will be seen between Pattinson and the main protagonist Washington. On Amazon Prime, this movie is available to watch.
Have a look at the trailer:

2. The King (2021)

It is an epic war movie of 2019. Even in a supporting role, Pattinson very well knows to steal the eyes of the audience. This movie mainly focuses on the rise of Henry V as king after the demise of his father. Henry V spends his life just drinking, whoring, and spending his time with friends. He is not at all interested in succeeding his Father. But after his death, he must have to carry out all the politics of the palace, the emotional part of his past life as well as the war which his father left behind. On, Netflix this movie is available to watch.
Have a look at its trailer:

3. Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (2005)

Though his role in the movie was very short yet was enough to steal the hearts of the audience. Harry Potter was an amazing film directed by Mike Newell. This is Pattinson’s first major film role filled with easygoing charm.

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Director Mark Newell very well knew that Pattinson is a character who can leave a huge impact even in a minimal role. Though Pattinson was killed in the film, he had left a huge impact on the audience. On HBO Max and Amazon Prime, this film is available to watch.
Have a look at the trailer:-

4. Damsel (2018)

David Zellner directed the movie Damsel is an American Western Comedy Movie of 2018. The lead characters in the movie were played by Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska. The movie portrays the story of Samuel who sets out on a journey together with pony and Parson Henry to marry the love of his life, Penelope. But, things do not go as planned as the trip turned treacherous. This movie was considered to be the turning point in Pattinson’s life. On Hulu, this movie is available to watch.
Have a look at its trailer:-

5. High Life (2019)

Pattinson, deeming his challenging nature took the lead in the English Debut of the Claire Denis. This movie follows a group of criminals who are sent on a mission to space towards a black hole to extract the black hole’s energy. However, Pattinson was not like others. As he is the only one prisoner who rejects sexual advances with Dibs. This movie is available to watch on all streaming platforms.
Have a look at its trailer:-

6. The Rover (2014)

This is the first movie of Robert Pattinson after Twilight that proves that Pattinson does not want to play the role. This is a Dark Dystopian Western Drama film about Australia where Australia had turned into a desert wasteland. The childish nature of Rey (Pattinson) wins the heart of the audience. On Hulu, this movie is available to watch.
Have a look at its trailer:-


7. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part l (2001)

When we heard of the series Twilight we remember Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Isn’t it?? Yes. This is one of the best and most-watched series of Robert Pattinson. Actually, I am also a fan of this series. In the first three-part of the series, Edward just came out of the shell.

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Finally, he married with the love of his life Bella, becomes the father, and finally loses his wife. He tried all his best to save her life but was not able to save her. The end was quite a fury and grim but it was an amazing series to watch. On Hulu, this series is available to watch.
Have a look at its trailer:-

8. Cosmopolis (2012):

David Cronenberg directed the movie Cosmopolis is a Canadian Drama thriller film. Robert Pattinson is in the lead character. This movie is about a 28-year-old billionaire currency speculator/asset manager Eric Packer, who travels across Manhattan in between traffic jams. This traffic jam was created by visiting of The President Of the United States. The film appears to be slow but it was not with the case of Pattinson. On Amazon Prime, this movie is available to watch.

Have a look at its trailer:-

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